Traversing Paris

Paris is simply magical!


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Like soldiers. March on.

There comes a time that you will feel that your life is worse than the Green Lantern movie. But hey, it’s not a bad life, just a bad day (like we all have from time to time). Remember:

Like soldiers. March on. If we can make it through the night, we’ll see the sun.

Keep on marching people. Keep on marching. #SoldierofLife

Greetings from the past

We always have this thing that we cannot start our day without it. The thing that we cannot forget to bring everyday and just in case we do, even we’re 5 minutes late from work, we’ll go back home and put the darn thing in our bag or pocket.

It could be a anything.


It’s actually something that matters to you or a thing that you can’t live a day without it.

Maybe a cellphone, a wallet, a hankie or a picture of your mom or anything.

As for me, I have this

I’ve been keeping this on my pocket everyday. Like what we do on our something-we-cannot-leave-the-house-without-it, this one is always in my pocket (right side to be exact). Whether I go to work, mall, for a date, outing, church, everywhere!

Without this I can’t hit the ground running.

Well, there’s really nothing special about this rosary, it’s just that it’s been with me for almost seven years now. There are times that I could no longer find it, like when we go for outing then I thought I left it on the room or drift it on the beach, but it always find its way on my pocket.

Well, the real deal in this shallow post is really not the rosary, but rather the person who gave it to me seven years ago.

Seven years ago, believe it or not, I’m on my way to priesthood. To be part of the Jesuits to be exact. These are the missionaries came from Ateneo De Manila University.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope.

I did ask for signs if this is where I really belong, yet turns out what I need is more of a discernment than signs. Though those days I felt like it would really happen. Anyway, long story short, It didn’t.

But this is where I met Brother Ro Atilano, he’s the one who gave me the rosary that I’ve been holding up until now. He is also the one who never gave up on me. The first time we met, I was like only 17 or 18 without a purpose and direction, you know, lost teenage stage where you don’t know where to belong and where to fit in.

We constantly exchanged emails before (since facebook ain’t existing yet).

Then we lost contact.

But then as I clean my mail last month, good-old gmail should be clean from time to time and delete unwanted email, I happened to see and read the thread or our conversation.

That’s where I decided to email him with the subject ‘Greetings from the Past”.

I was skeptical that he will respond since it was already seven years ago.

But he did. That’s when we decided to meet again this year.

He’s currently staying in Ateneo and asked me to give him a ping if I want to visit him.

So I pin down the schedule and went there.

He gave me a tour in Ateneo which is I think is twice or thrice bigger than my school.

Then we talked almost everything we can think of, from past to present etc.

Then I mentioned the rosary he gave me.

He’s speechless upon seeing it. He even double-checked and affirmed that’s the one he gave me seven years ago.

He’s glad I kept it and said that after all there is still something that binds us and we’re not really disconnected.

It really feels so amazing to meet a good friend again after several years.

It amazed me too how things (the rosary) were still the same and kept while us people traverse in time and get old.

I feel blessed that I decided to have this as part of my things-that-I-should-bring-in-everyday-of-my-life. The connection between me and him is always with me. More importantly my connection to the Prime-mover is with me, up and running, everyday.

Brother Ro will be soon ordained as a priest in two years’ time, I wish him good luck!

Happy Birthday!

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Honey Bunny: [about to rob a diner] I love you, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin: I love you, Honey Bunny.
Pumpkin: [Standing up with a gun] All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!
Honey Bunny: Any of you fucking pricks move, and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!

If your partner is willing to rob a restaurant with you and can execute moving people, marry her. For that is genuine love.

That genuine thing I found from this girl.DSCF8053

Happy birthday to my honey bunny! I want her to know that whatever her plans are (even robbing a diner for instance), I’m always here.

Words can’t grasp how truly grateful I am right now for having her.

The patience

The kindness

The support

The care

The genuine love

The everything

All in one.

Today is her birthday and if I may declare, today is intergalactic Ivan’s day.

She deserve the best, not only today but for the rest of our lives together.

People will say what they’re gonna say. But me and her will stay.

PS to Ivan:

Again, Happy birthday and I love you!

(I did my best to be sweet and fancy in this post, I swear)

Hongkong-China Experience

So we had this trip to Hongkong/China and it’s v.g.

We got this package tour of 3 days and 2 nights with Hongkong and China trip.

Here’s the breakdown

DAY 1: Hongkong Airport, The Peak Tram, Night Market

DAY 2: City Tour, Disneyland, Train Station

Day 3:  Shenzhen City tour, Hongkong Airport, Home

So let me give you some detour of what happened to us in our stay.

But first let me take a selfie… s…

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Well, I can’t say much with this country and its people. Although I have few observations. One of them is  that they don’t serve cold water, it’s hot water or tea.Which I find it unusual but in a nice way.

DSCF7817DSCF7763  DSCF7759

Also when it comes to streets and traffic, they strictly follows the “no waiting” rule in taxi, though the pedestrian crossing is somewhat being compromised from time to time. People still cross even the red sign was still up.

DSCF8162  DSCF7782  DSCF7789DSCF7788

One of the places that I love in here and wish to be back is the Night Market.Our friend named Men, said that the Night Market has three major streets.

1st Street – Branded and Originals

2nd/Middle Street – Local Items and where you can get “tawad”.

3rd/Last Street – Electronics

The 1st street is really a paradise for me. Which makes me very ill and regret why on earth I even put not buying any single pair of shoe this year as a new year’s resolution.

DSCF7772DSCF7768 DSCF7771   DSCF7776

In every place that we went, whether on the city or suburban, one thing noticeable is, the cleanliness.

DSCF7884DSCF8141  DSCF7852DSCF7882DSCF7872

Typical Chinese Family


This our friend Kim, is our guide in Shenzhen.


He’s a happy type of person, he just always do that.


The people.

DSCF8113 DSCF8117 DSCF8118 DSCF8120 DSCF8133 DSCF8143 DSCF8147 DSCF8148 DSCF8103 DSCF8105 DSCF8106


I’m in doubt at first if I will enjoy Disneyland, since I’m not a fan ever since. But boy, this place is magical! If not for everyone, at least for me who doesn’t have any high hopes for being that way.

Too bad we didn’t catch the fireworks display.

DSCF7908 DSCF7909 DSCF7910 DSCF7914 DSCF7916 DSCF7918 DSCF7924 DSCF7926 DSCF7927 DSCF7933 DSCF7934 DSCF7935 DSCF7936 DSCF7937 DSCF7938 DSCF7941 DSCF7946 DSCF7949 DSCF7953 DSCF8008 DSCF8013 DSCF7898

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Chevy It’s gettin’ kinda heavy

No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape bad days.

Naah, it’s not a bad life. It’s just a day with stress after stress after stress and few more stress.

But despite the fact that you have these problems for a day, or a week or a month, I think it’s wrong to bring bad atmosphere to others and act as if you own all the problems this world can offer.

A homeless man don’t know where to sleep tonight. A problem.

A Soldier miss his wife and daughter. A problem.

A kid fighting for his life versus cancer. A problem.

We all have problems, not only you.

If you think we’re not on the same ballpark, I think you’re wrong.

We all feel the same weather.

See you soon!

Hi. 1st semester is about end. That means, semestral break is coming. That means no class, no paperworks, no need to go to school. That also means more time to play, to hangout, to clean my room and to write something here. I’ll be updating this blog very soon. Oh you dont know my eagerness right now to tell you my stories. In fact I’m excited myself. So please come visit this page soon. I already have plenty of topics store for you.

May the force be with you always.